I'm feeling a little fragile. You want to know why? I'll tell you for why. Today I took our pushchair to the charity shop. There's no point keeping it, we don't need it any more. It's a bulky bit of kit to have in the closet. What possible emergency would we keep it for? A … Continue reading Fragility



I felt like writing about Britain. I think it's because Brexit makes me feel sad. Brexit reminds me of the things that I hate about Britain. I hate the xenophobia, the jingoism and the poisonous nostalgia. Part of the trouble is that I am only inches away from being a Brexiteer. I love this country, … Continue reading BRITAIN! BRITAIN! BRITAIN!

Excellence 10

Just letting you know that Moments of Excellence Episode Ten is now available on the tubes. Excellence 10 I'll do a more detailed blog soon. I feel something autumnal stirring. I'm also thinking of writing something about marriage. Imagine the wondrous insights! Have a lovely day! V.