A little company

Do you get lonely? I imagine that you do, you’re reading this.

Why not spend some time with myself and Sugar Daddy? With done another Vlog! I know, it’s almost too much beauty for you to comprehend.

It’s here: Moments of Excellence

You can ALSO have some atmospheric pictures, you lucky people.

Here’s my good self, ready to go the pub.


Here’s a couple of doors. There’s the back door and the door to the Fun Dungeon.


Here’s the hearth, the Ripley poster and the cuddle chair.

Here’s where the magic happens.


Here are some snow drops in the grounds.

I was going to show a picture of Greg in his outfit, but my picture editor is refusing to edit it properly, due to his ‘Big Erse’.


I don’t know about you, but I’m tired out. I’ll blog properly soon, I promise. I can tell you about my trip to see “Strictly…” So much has happened in my life! I’ve been on a school trip, I’ve baked camembert and I’ve learnt that I need to love myself before I can love anyone else.

Night night, my angels. Sleep tight.



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