Interview with the Vampire Hunter

As well as writing fascinating blogs about my thoughts, feelings and farts, I will be sharing interviews with local characters. While my philosophical blogs are likely to become the foundation of a future world-uniting religion, my journalistic blogs will give you an insight into the world that you would never have because you're socially inept … Continue reading Interview with the Vampire Hunter


I’m the King of the (Mood) Swingers

"How's life, Viper?" I hear you ask. Very nice of you to ask, dear reader. Some of it's good, some of it's bad. What's good? Being asleep. What's bad? Being awake. I jest. Being asleep isn't all that great. Ah, humour, how you help me to enjoy hating myself. I have good moments and bad … Continue reading I’m the King of the (Mood) Swingers